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Metal hinge conveyor belt Pitch 63 heavy-duty

For applications in the steel industry, for transport of hot or cold formed castings and forgings bolts, metal components and for the transport of waste and scrap

The metal belt T63 R is part of the range " heavy series ",
The T63 R conveyor belt delivers transport solutions





Bulk goods
Small Parts



Fragmented steel
Fragmented aluminum


Liquid presence



Small parts


Pitch 63 heavy-duty Conveyor belt specifications

A metal belt that fits all your conveyor projects

- Welded design
- Nominal widths from 200 to 1.500 mm
- Flat hinged plates
- Hinge thickness 5 mm
- Hinges made throughout of a single piece
- Gap between hinges max. 1.5 mm
- Side wing height 39.8 mm
- Deflection radius upwards min. 150 mm
- Standar drive chains inner width 10 mm or 20 mm
- Roller Ø 30 mm
- Breaking load of each chain 50.000 N
- Maximum operating temperature 300° C








Pitch 63 heavy-duty model

The T63 R carpet range is available in 2 models.
steel model for standard applications.
stainless steel model for anti- corrosion applications.
This range is equipped with roller chain ep 10 or 20 mm.
All widths are disposnibles 50 by 50 mm.
For details on each model ,
Please click on the links below .

Metal belt Pitch 63 heavy-duty - 10 mm >

Metal belt Pitch 63 heavy-duty - 20 mm >

Metal belt Pitch 63 heavy-duty - 10 mm
Metal belt Pitch 63 heavy-duty - 20 mm

Types of surfaces

Smooth surfaces

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Perforated surfaces

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Dimpled surfaces

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Metallic conveyor belt Options Pitch 63 heavy-duty

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