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Standard sprocket pitch 63 heavy-duty

A gear billet for a security training

Filtre Valeur de filtre
T mm
Do Ø mm
N Ø mm
NL mm
Zb mmm
tooth profile
Bore Ø

T mm z Do Ø mm N Ø mm NL mm Zb mmm tooth profile Bore Ø Groove
63612672288.5DIN 819625 H7DIN 6885/1
63612672288.5DIN 819625 H7sans
63612672288.5DIN 819630 H7DIN 6885/1
63612672288.5DIN 819630 H7sans
638164.6372288.5DIN 819630 H7DIN 6885/1
638164.6372288.5DIN 819630 H7sans
6310203.87120508.5DIN 819630 H7DIN 6885/1
6310203.87120508.5DIN 819630 H7sans
636126723313DIN 819630 H7DIN 6885/1
636126723313DIN 819630 H7sans
636126723818DIN 819630 H7DIN 6885/1
636126723818DIN 819630 H7sans
6310203.871206018DIN 819650 H7DIN 6885/1
6310203.871206018DIN 819650 H7sans
636126724020DIN 819640 H7DIN 6885/1
636126724020DIN 819640 H7sans
638164.63904020DIN 819640 H7DIN 6885/1
638164.63904020DIN 819640 H7sans
6313263.251206523DIN 819660 H7DIN 6885/1
6313263.251206523DIN 819660 H7sans

We devellops of specific gears machined from ground to train your carpet T63 metal conveyors. This drive sprockets technology guarantees a perfect resistance and rotation without any risk of derailment. The shape of the gear teeth enables perfect adequacy with the chain of carpet and guarantee a training parallelism .

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